Walking Through the World

Texts by Arthur Ollman, Tom O'Connor

Published by Charta
Pages 96,
188 illustrations in color
Hardback – (12 x 9.5 in.)
ISBN 978-88-8158-707-0

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 “In Walking Through the World Sandi Haber Fifield addresses aspects of human vision that few have explored with such dedication. She seems to be floating through a world that is familiar to us and yet we have never seen it this way before … Like memories, these images drift in and out of focus, messages from the edges of her vision, woven together with eloquent threads. They wander elusively in the mind, dissolving one into the others, identifying her surroundings and her experience. Here is the artist‘s realization of everything coming together.”

— Arthur Ollman, Founding Director, The Museum of Photographic Arts